Harry W. McLaughlin

Ph.D. University of Maryland
Applied geometry


McLaughlin has research interest in the general areas of Applied Geometry as it applies to design and manufacturing problems.

On the applied side, his interest is in representation needed for robot motion, numerically controlled milling machines and engineering analyses, as well as visual displays. He addresses issues of proper modeling tools, such as appropriate mathematical forms and data structures as they apply to particular industrial problems. In addition to determining appropriate mathematical forms, considerations are given to areas of computational geometry such as 3-D triangular schemes and 3-D convex hull algorithms.

He also focuses on issues of curve and surface design. He is interested in the notion of shape and how to model it using splines and spline-like techniques. Some recent research includes the investigation of discrete methods for geometric modeling.

Recent Publications "Algorithms for Geometric Modeling," Computers in Mechanical Engineering, Vol. 5, No. 3, 1986, pp. 38-41.

"Discrete Curves: A Definition of Shape," to appear in Computer Aided Geometric Design.



Department of Mathematical Sciences
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, New York 12180

(518) 276-6895 (Voice)
(518) 276-4824 (Fax)

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