Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Spring 2019

Instructor: Mark H. Holmes
Office: Amos Eaton 322
Office Hours: M Tr 2-3 and W 12-1
Phone: 276-6891
Email: holmes
TA: She'ifa Punla-Green
Office: Amos Eaton 430
Office hours: Tu 10-11:30
E-mail: punlas

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Course Syllabus


Drop this course (aka, the Gilderoy Lockhart problem)

Appendix D Introduction to MATLAB Programming
m-files used in Appendix D: m-files

Book web-page

MathWorks Tutorials and learning resources maintained by MathWorks.

MATLAB Ax=b Solver (mldivide):   Regular matrix,   Sparse matrix

MATLAB Quick Reference A list by Jialong He

MATLAB Commands and Functions A list by Brian Vick, Mechanical Engineering Department, Virginia Tech

Odds and Ends

wine paper


Is There A Moore's Law For Algorithms?

Interesting use of power method to show that Go and C are doing great (and FORTRAN worse off than COBOL!)

NASA Modeling Guru: Basic Comparison of Python, Julia, R, MATLAB and FORTRAN pdf

2016 Dense Linear Algebra Software Packages Survey (indicates, among other things, what numerical linear algrebra programs are used the most)