Numerical Computing
Fall 2019

Professor: Mark H. Holmes
Office: Amos Eaton 322
Phone: 276-6891
Email: holmes
Office Hours: M, Tr 2-3, W 12-1
TA: Kamala Liu
Office: Amos Eaton 424
Email: liuc10
Office Hours: M, W 11-12

Couse Information

Class Syllabus

Text: Introduction to Scientific Computing and Data Analysis

  Solutions, errata, etc for the text are Here

Class Demos Web page with links to MATLAB diaries, class handouts, etc.

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  • HW0
  • HW1    solutions
  • HW2    solutions
  • HW3    solutions
  • HW4    solutions
  • HW5    solutions
  • HW6    solutions
  • HW7    Linear Regression Formulas    solutions
  • HW8 (not to be turned in): 8.23, 8.26(b)
  • Exams

  • Exam 1: Oct 3    solutions
  • Exam 2: Nov 7    solutions
  • Exam 3: Dec 5   
       exam3 S'18    solutions

  • Notes

    traffic data

    IVP tables

    Appendix D Introduction to MATLAB Programming
    Files used in Appendix D: Files

    MATLAB Guides

    There are many tutorials and quick reference guides for MATLAB on the web. The following is a short list of those that should be the most helpful.

    MathWorks Tutorials and learning resources maintained by MathWorks.

    MATLAB Quick Reference A list by Jialong He

    MATLAB Commands and Functions A list by Brian Vick, Mechanical Engineering Department, Virginia Tech

    Interesting and/or Relevant Links

    Relevant Laws of Computing:   Murphy's law   O'Toole's corollary of Finagle's law   Hofstadter's law

    AI today and tomorrow is mostly about curve fitting, not intelligence
    Hacker News comments on above article

    Methods for Constructing a Yield Curve

    the secret life of NaN

    Drop this course (aka, the Gilderoy Lockhart problem)

    NASA Modeling Guru: Basic Comparison of Python, Julia, R, Matlab and IDL

    Floating points: IEEE Standard unifies arithmetic model by Cleve Moler