Mathematics in Medicine and Biology
Fall 2015

Instructor: Mark H. Holmes
Office: Amos Eaton 322
Office Hours: MTr 3-4:15
Phone: 276-6891
Email: holmes

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Course Syllabus

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HW1 (due Sept 14): 2c,d, 6e (don't sketch), 8e (don't sketch), 9b (don't graph), 16 [these are from Chapt 1] Solutions
Correction to 6e: change second equation from y_{n+1}=y_n/3 to y_{n+1}=x_n/3

HW2 Solutions

HW3 Solutions

HW4 Solutions

HW5 Solutions

HW6 Solutions


Exam 1: Thursday, Oct 1 Solutions
Exam F'13

Exam 2: Thursday, Oct 29 Solutions
Exam F'13

Exam 3: Thursday, Dec 10
Exam F'13 (with solutions)

Handouts, etc


R_0 Wikipedia page

When zombies attack paper

Summary for nonlinear difference equations

Summary for nonlinear IVPs

Diffusion handout

diffusion video

myosin video

Molecular Machinery of Life video

A Day in the Life of a Motor Protein video

The Workhorse of the Cell: Kinesin video

Nonlinear diffusion coloring handout

Summary for nonlinear diffusion