Calculus II
Sections 1-4

Professor: Mark H. Holmes
Office: Amos Eaton 322
Office Hours: 1:45-3:00 Mon, Thurs
Phone: 276-6891
Email: holmes
TA: Anurag Kaushik
Office: Amos Eaton 317
Email: kausha2
Office Hours: Thurs 3:30-5, Fri 10-11:30

Course Information

outline (updated: 11/13)

suggested problems (updated: 11/16)
Worksheet 4/9

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Advance Grade

A: 89.50 - 100
B: 79.0 - 89.49
C: 68.50 - 78.99
D: 58.0 - 68.49


Time: Friday, Dec 16 (11:30-2:30)
Location: Sage 3303
Covers: everything covered on three in-class exams (so, as a study aid, any and all of the suggested homework problems should be reviewed).
Crib sheet: one 8.5x11 page (both sides) but no calculators, notes, etc

RSVP: if you are taking the final, please let Prof Holmes know by noon, Wednesday, Dec 14 (you can still take the final if you do not RSVP; this is requetsed so I have an idea of how many exams to print).

Class Demos, and Other Useful Information

Surfaces example (MATLAB)

The Boxes for Chapter 4/9

Exam 1

Exam 2

Exam 3

Exams 1 - 3 material

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Textbook Website

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Reference pages for algebra and calculus (note red boxed formulas are particularly important)

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The following have nothing to do with our course, but you might them find interesting anyway.

Time Bandits What were Einstein and Godel talking about?

Is Mathematics Invented or Discovered?

A New Physics Theory of Life