Undergraduate Research in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Instructor: Mark H. Holmes
Office: Amos Eaton 322
Office Hours: TW 9:30-10:30
Email: holmes
TA: Lisa Rogers
Office: Amos Eaton 430
Office Hours: W 4-6, R 10-12
Email: rogerl

Couse Information and Assignments




Possibily Useful MATALB code: ivp4.m, arrow.m
Possibily Useful Graphics: csums.png, lgpsealm.tif, lgplogo2cm.tif

HW4 due Feb 26

Project Resources

CSUMS web-site

Models of neuronal dynamics

Flame projects; Flame presentation (14.5 MB)

Bio/Eco projects; Bio/Eco presentation (19.2 MB)

Class Resources

The 5 steps handout

Instructions for matlab files: 1. Copy the commands on the web-page into a text file. The name of the file must end with .m (for example, euler.m). 2. Make sure the m-file is in the path for matlab (I put them on my desktop when using them). 3. Open matlab and then enter the name of the file without the .m ending (for example, euler ).

euler.m Euler's method

eulers.m comparison of Euler and B. Euler

error using B. Euler, Trap, and RK4

info on matlab ode commands

ivp.m using MATLAB ode commands to solve an IVP

ivp2.m comparison of B. Euler, Trap, and RK4

ivp3.m using MATLAB ode commands to solve a scalar IVP

Matlab session on 1/22/08

hw2.tex example of LaTeX file for HW (Revised 1/28/08)

eps file used by above LaTeX example

MATLAB Resources


Practical Introduction to Matlab

Practical Introduction to Matlab for Engineering Students

Presentation Resources

Template for PowerPoint poster used in class

Example posters (these are very good)

Template for these examples (requires program called Keynote, which limits it to the Mac)

Sample PowerPoint templates (note they vary in dimensions)
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4
Template 5