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MPI 2002 Registration

Please use the online form below to register for MPI 2002. Alternatively, you may email the registration information requested below to Dr. Schwendeman or you may send the completed registration form on the MPI 2002 brochure to Dr. Schwendeman by surface mail or by fax at (518) 276-4824.

Registration Fees

There is a $75 registration fee for all participants attending the workshop. (The registration fee is waived for students.) There is a $1500 problem submission fee for each industry bringing a problem to the workshop. This fee is reduced to $1250 for a first-time industry problem submission. The problem submission fee covers all work done on the problem during the workshop and the subsequent written report.

Industry representatives who are interested in submitting a problem to the workshop should first contact a member of the MPI 2002 Organizing Committee to discuss the suitability of the problem. The best results are achieved when the proposed problem is discussed and refined prior to the workshop.

Travel Support

There are funds available to support travel and local accommodations for students attending the workshop. This support is limited and may be requested by the student on the registration form below. Students requesting support may be contacted for additional information and will be notified when a decision on funding is made.

Online Registration Form

The number of participants will be limited. Please register by May 10, 2002.

I would like to participate in MPI 2002.

I would like to present a problem at MPI 2002.

I would like more information about MPI 2002.

I am a student and request travel support to attend MPI 2002.


Title (Professor, Scientist, Student, etc.):