Introduction to Differential Equations
Sections 13 - 16

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worksheet 9 added 4/28/16

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Supplemental Notes

Abbreviations used in course

Worksheet for Chapter 1

Modeling notes based on Section 2.3

Summary for Chapter 3

Examples of Fourier series
MATLAB codes: fourier3.m and fourier4.m

Summary of Fourier series

Plots showing solution of diffusion equation
MATLAB code: heat.m

Worksheet 7 for Chapter 7

Summary for solving y'=Ay
revised 4/18/16 (improved middle plots)

Summary for steady-states, stability, and periodic solutions (replaces most of chapt 9)
Revised 5/2/16: added material on finding Hamiltonians

Worksheet 9 for periodic solutions
Update on 5/3/16: added more exercises and included answers

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