Introduction to the Foundations of Applied Mathematics (2nd Edition)
by Mark H. Holmes

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Chapter 2: Perturbation Methods

Useful MATLAB Files

lbvp.m General solver for BVP: y'' + p(x)y' + q(x)y = f(x)
nbvp.m General solver for BVP: y'' = f(x, y, y')

Chapter 3: Kinetics

Movie Files (left click to stream and right click to download)

Figure 3.6 the movie
Figure 3.14 the movie
Figure 3.17 the movie
Figure 3.19 the movie


kinetics.v3.mpl This is a Maple program that can be used to analyze reactions. This is an example Maple session using kinetics.v3.
Manual This is a manual for kinetics (note kinetics.v3 is an updated version but works the same way as kinetics).

Chapter 4: Diffusion

Figure 4.1 The movie version
Ref: "Measurement of the Translational and Rotational Brownian Motion of Individual Particles in a Rarefied Gas,"
by J. Blum, S. Bruns, D. Rademacher, A. Voss, B. Willenberg, and M. Krause
Physical Review Letters, vol. 97, Issue 23, 230601 (2006)

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Figure 4.10 The movie version
Figure 4.17 The movie version
Figure 4.24 The movie version
Exercise 4.8 The movie version

Chapter 5: Traffic Flow

Chapter 6: Continuum Mechanics: One Spatial Dimension

Chapter 7: Elastic and Viscoelastic Materials

Chapter 8: Continuum Mechanics: Three Spatial Dimensions

Chapter 9: Fluids

Figure 9.5 The movie version
Ref: "Velocity Field in a Pipe," Experiment of the Month, Physics Department, Millersville University