CSUMS Research Awards

The research awards are for one year and provide support for both the academic year and summer. Specifically, they provide a stipend during the summer of $5000 in addition to paying for room and board in student housing for the summer. During the academic year each student can recieve up to $2000 in stipend (no housing support is provided during the academic year). There are also funds for attending conferences.

These research awards are competitive and limited to ten students per year (8 from RPI and 2 from Howard). Although not required, students who receive there awards will usually have completed the course MATH-4960, Undergraduate Research in Applied and Computational Mathematics, which is offered every spring semester. What is required is that you are an undergraduate math major (dual majors are OK) and also an American citizen (or permenant resident).

The awards will be made during the spring semester of each year. There is no formal application procedure. If you are interested you can contact Mark Holmes (at RPI) or Abdul-Aziz Yakubu (at Howard). You can also talk to any of the other faculty who are involved in the CSUMS project, and they are listed below.

Rensselaer Faculty

Mark Holmes (Director), holmes (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-6891

Isom Herron, herroi (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-2649

Gregor Kovacic, kovacg (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-6908

Peter Kramer, kramep (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-6896

Fengyan Li, lif (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-3201

Howard Faculty

Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, ayakubu (@howard.edu), (202) 806-6830

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