CSUMS Program

The Department of Mathematical Sciences is pleased to announce an NSF funded program in the Computational Science Training for Undergraduates in the Mathematical Sciences (CSUMS). This is a collaborative program involving Rensselaer and Howard University. The goal is to enhance computational aspects of the education and training of undergraduates, and to better prepare these students to pursue careers and graduate study in fields that require integrated strengths in computation and the mathematical sciences. The organization and components of the program provide a mentored research environment that is designed so that creativity, invention, and scientific communication skills are promoted and developed. The program will also broaden significantly the educational and professional experiences of the participants as they will regularly interact with scientists and engineers, both theoretical and experimental, at other academic, industrial and government laboratory facilities.


Research Projects for undergraduates

Research Awards for undergraduates

Undergraduate research course for undergraduates

Presentations given by undergraduates on their projects

Special Events

Colloquia for undergraduates

Graduate School selection workshop

Project Day

HRUMC Hudson River Undergraduate Mathematics Conference

Additional Information

NSF description of CSUMS program

Presentation given at Howard University, Dec 2006

Presentation at the 9th International Conference on Mathematics Education in a Global Community, Charlotte, Sept 2007

More information on our CSUMS program can be obtained by contacting Prof. Mark Holmes or any of the other faculty listed below.

Rensselaer Faculty

Mark Holmes (Director), holmes (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-6891

Isom Herron, herroi (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-2649

Gregor Kovacic, kovacg (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-6908

Peter Kramer, kramep (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-6896

Fengyan Li, lif (@rpi.edu), (518) 276-3201

Howard Faculty

Abdul-Aziz Yakubu, ayakubu (@howard.edu), (202) 806-6830

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